pokemon go bot october 2016 pokeball ultraball
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Pokemon Go BOT October 2016

Pokemon Go Bot October 2016 – Now (STILL WORK)

pokemon go bot october 2016 pokeball ultraball

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Hello .. Still playing Pokemon Go ..?, Already bored, Lazy to go out looking for pokemon, or stop playing because got banned, or until now still cannot play Pokemon in your smartphone. Well, if the latter issue may be time to replace the phone or buy a new one.

This time the admin wants to share the experience of using Pokemon Go BOT. Those who don’t know yet, BOT is a kind of program that is made so that the game runs automatically without we play manually. Setting the BOT, go to sleep, then wake up and we are already level 20.

Around the month of July-August, Niantic as the developer Pokemon Go is intensively perform ban to user that indicated use cheat or third party software. Even to the BOT creator overseas, there reportedly being chased by the Niantic. I think Niantic act too exaggerated chase BOT maker around the world, acting like CIA / FBI / Konoha Anbu Squad. Actually who is the creator of this BOT?, they are the people who have good programming ability, which has programming skills and advanced levels. They could see the game weakness and then make this program.

Admin here only as BOT user who initiative to do own testing. Admin already testing using 10Account (it was already up to level 30 and level 25) and all successfully got banned. Dissapointed ..? Yes, Give up ..? No, because curiosity is greater.  Precisely because ever got banned now so know where the problem is. So admin try BOT again from the beginning and the results are ya now reached level 30 ++.

Other BOT has also been tried and I think this BOT is still going well. Info here is based on trial and error the result of testing. Later if there is a question, as long as I am able to answer, I will answer the question. Here’s an example screenshot of the results use this BOT. Pokemon Go Bot October 2016.

pokemon go bot october 2016 , akun pokemon go level 30pokemon go bot october 2016pokemon go bot october 2016 , pokedex



DO With Your Own Risk

There are several important points to note before start.

  • All the risks and consequences that caused the use of BOT is the responsibility and consequences of the user. Users can not blame to the BOT creator or people who deliver this BOT. As a user you are free to choose to play with a clean or with prohibited by the developer. The decision is yours.
  • It is usual when there is a Game then rises Cheat, BOT, Third Party Apps, etc. On one side was a loss for game developers, but on the other hand is also advantageous because the game is popular and widely played.
  • There is no guarantee BOT can always work. It could be today BOT run well but tomorrow BOT does not work. So long BOT can still be used, that is our chance to try because we play with these uncertain times. It’s like a romp between BOT Creator and Developer Game. When developers do user ban and made BOT does not function then there will be another way to look for loopholes and then appear another new BOT. This is a regular thing, not only in Pokemon Go, but also in other games.



Download BOT & User Manual BOT

manual user pokemon go bot

Admin already prepare BOT file and User Manual / tutorial available 16 pages PDF. It contained not only step by step tutorials but also a description of error and its solution. All is free. In the article the website is explained as well but only in outline only, not detailed as that of the user manual. Pokemon Go BOT october 2016

In order to be accessible to everyone and not to overload the website. All files are stored in a place special for download, it’s ShareCash. Because through ShareCash so before file can be downloaded you have to complete the survey first, then after survey is completed the file automatically appear and can be downloaded.


Download BOT Pokemon Go (Size : 10,9 Mb)
Link File BOT

Download Manual User BOT (Size 4,25 Mb)
Link File Manual User BOT



Video Guide

Please disable your internet download manager (IDM) when download file from sharecash because it probably fail if use IDM, estimated file size doesn’t appears. Download use your browser only without additional addons/extension or other download tools.

Read Trick for Download and Fill The Survey in this article : How to Download From Sharecash



Read also How to Use The BOT in this article : How to Use Pokemon Go BOT



Ikuti terus perkembangan BOT terbaru di website ndasma.com, Jika ada update pokemon go bot october 2016 terbaru akan kami infokan pada website ini, Terima Kasih


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